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I've figured out what day it is--it's Sunday, August 9.

Going back and forth across six or seven times zones has left me temporarily temporally discombobulated.

I'm getting a bit better though.

Missed church today because of the pulled muscle.

However, at the moment it feels almost good (knock wood). DMSO and a bit of heat seem to have done the trick. At least for a while. (Let's not tempt the fates by assuming it is on the mend permanently. We'll see what tomorrow morning brings.)

CC is still being incredibly loving. She has finally figured out how to stretch out next to me and the computer without getting in the way. She knows that when my left hand is not typing, it usually strays to her and I smooth her stripes back in order.

This afternoon the raccoon kids came by to see what crumbs might be on or around the patio. They are absolutely adorable and should NOT be so trusting.

Later their mama showed up. At that point I grabbed the bag of dog biscuits and went to the front door. I went outside and tossed a bunch of biscuits onto the driveway. The family was pleased and grateful.

(Note to self--screen near front screen door needs patching. Hope there's some screen in the garage--everything else in the world is there, it seems.)

I figure another day or two and I should be over the time-zone jumping effects.

(Didn't realize how much I needed that vacation break till I took it.)

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