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Yes, the Saints racked up another win. That makes 8--out of 8. Today's battle was against Carolina.

They had to work for this one--Carolina was ahead for the better part (if not all) the first half. We left a little bit into the fourth quarter, when it looked like they would win.

Had we not left early we would probably still be in the line waiting to get out of the parking garage, and then to creep along the streets around the Dome.

Instead, we listened to the end of the game on the car radio while we headed for home in ordinary traffic.

Diana (YD, aka Stacie) met Spots, and pronounced him a very friendly cat.

I don't think I'll be going in to work tomorrow--there's a hurricane in the Gulf. Hurricane "season" officially ended October 31, but someone forgot to tell this particular storm, which is curving up to the Gulf Coast. By the time it gets here it will no doubt be "just" a tropical storm (winds~39 mph to~74 mph). But that's enough for coastal flooding, and any other flooding triggered by the tropical rains. But the probability of rains tomorrow (with or without the high winds) is well up into the 90% range.

Therefore, I stay at home. Tulane streets flood in a heavy dew.

And there's no lack of stuff to be done, inside and out.

So the Saints are still undefeated and all's right with the world.

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