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"Off" Week
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I'm not sure if Tulane has classes any part of this week, but I'm using the week to try to catch up on household (and personal) stuff.

A quick check of the critter food supply showed me that I didn't have enough to last the week. So--the morning started off with a WalMart visit.

Dumb day to do this--lots of people getting stuff for Thanksgiving dinners. However, I was there fairly early and didn't have a wait to check out.

I finally located the baking soda. I'm sure I've walked past it at least a dozen times, but today there were a lot of people in that aisle and someone asked what I was looking for. From about three shoppers further on came an answer. But it seems there are two types of baking soda available. When asked which one, I said I needed it for the cat box, not baking. Nobody seemed surprised by that use.

Generally speaking, not only the staff but the WalMart customers are friendly, courteous, and helpful.

Too bad the post office isn't the same. It was seriously crowded when I stopped to use the automatic weigh and sell you postage machine. I wanted to send some books Media Mail. I've done it from there before. But today it wouldn't give me the postage rate. Naturally, the line inside the post office pretty much filled that area.

I'll mail it from the post office near me, which doesn't have that self-service machine, but does have LOTS fewer customers. In fact, I'll look up how much I need and I may have enough stamps around the house. At least the machine told me it weighed just over a pound.

Spots was a good boy yesterday and so he had access to inside last night. He's a very satisfactory cold night cover.

I'm just about finished with the third Madelyn Alt book. Now I need to order the next one.

People are pretty excited about the Saints' record so far. Their next game is Monday night, for a national audience. Can you say "pressure"?

Back to my book, and the usual drivel on TV.

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