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Curiosities served

March 2004
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01: old, new & how about that phony bicycle (1 comments)
02: sontag & kael & the terrifying deep (2 comments)
02: Midnighters: The Secret Hour (7 comments)
03: sunny bicycles, seussian dreams & nebulas (6 comments)
04: windowpane drama (& stuff) (0 comments)
05: stupidest teacher ever (0 comments)
06: & it is time... (to rewrite) (3 comments)
07: yale younger poets=rock stars (3 comments)
07: serendipitous pink balloons (0 comments)
08: more Box Office Poison (BOP!) (3 comments)
08: link stampede at the o.k. rant corral (1 comments)
09: cough sneeze whee (7 comments)
10: the nose blows for no one (3 comments)
11: jane austen write like god win wine (4 comments)
12: such a cliche but so glad it's That Day... (0 comments)
14: bon chance (March Believer, bicycle racing, Wonderfalls & lost song!) (3 comments)
16: great bookstore closing and time warp stuff (3 comments)
17: grammar police, addictions, good news (6 comments)
18: save wonderfalls (already): Letter from Tim Minear (2 comments)
18: red wine = many links without context (0 comments)
20: saturday pleasures (and some poems) (4 comments)
20: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (1 comments)
22: fingernail moon, library goodness, other assorteds (2 comments)
22: silly word (1 comments)
24: many eensie weensie things (4 comments)
26: you don't know cricket (or monsoons or cozies) (6 comments)
28: barely real (3 comments)
29: the unannounced new and exhausted seeing (now with links) (3 comments)
30: screenwriting, letters to the editor, Woolrich, Edwards 'n' such (3 comments)
31: see you on next month's rock (1 comments)

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