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Curiosities served

February 2004
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01: first day of the month things (4 comments)
02: the nerve, reva brooks, invisible squid (3 comments)
03: dead house bird girl block canada (4 comments)
03: lip sync vs. karaoke (11 comments)
04: brains taste like yams (0 comments)
04: finding fallen angel (0 comments)
05: brought to you by the smoke fairy (3 comments)
05: oh and... (7 comments)
06: el poema (0 comments)
10: gigante hello (1 comments)
12: not for the completist (6 comments)
15: brain hurts home entry (3 comments)
16: not quite, but bunches (0 comments)
16: and another oops, forgot (3 comments)
16: Dogs Hate Bush (last one!) (1 comments)
17: sunshine cold prison break (1 comments)
17: wisconsin death trip (11 comments)
18: everybody knows... (0 comments)
18: come forth, librarians (3 comments)
18: I never liked Jake (5 comments)
19: eisenhower's dentist, shocking, retroactive anti- (5 comments)
19: 10 things I learned in Mexico (0 comments)
20: dead marry news yay! (2 comments)
20: worst/best alibi ever (0 comments)
21: einstein right dead (2 comments)
22: the nefarious french wine company (1 comments)
22: san miguel de allende w/ photos (5 comments)
23: jack sparrow's oscar date (0 comments)
23: p.s. on linksage (6 comments)
23: japanese travelogue/the henry james diet? (0 comments)
24: summing it up (1 comments)
24: the day that hell spat back (7 comments)
24: great comic book dialogue (6 comments)
25: mental abuse in the classroom or... (7 comments)
25: writing things and the big top (1 comments)
26: short, bloody, & sittin' in a tree (3 comments)
28: finally, a pleasant day (2 comments)
29: I like Steve Martin better. (Oscars: real time) (6 comments)

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